Leon Motovskikh Art Gallery

Leon Motovskikh Art Gallery

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If you are an artist, a poet, an architect, or a talent, reach me, and we will create a whole exhibition hall for your art.


November 2022


Fog is an experiment with color inversion. White turns to black, red to cyan, blue to yellow, green to pink.

Color inversion may be set as a floating point number. Inversion by 50% turns any colour into the grayest of gray, accurately in the middle between white and black.

Percentage-based inverse may not be reversed, just as a black and white photo permanently loses its colours.

This effect created the Fog. For some reason, step by step partial inversion makes suprising color matches. Colors condense and flow, changing once again.

22 April 2024


The colour of this moment

Here and now


The rivers are traditionally categorized into blue and muddy depending on the perception of its alterability.

Man has always sought to conquer the river not caring about its true form.

This river is wholly created by a man, hence its conquest has no meaning—yet it arouses the very same desire.

Fall 2021


No gallery is complete without its provocative work—even if it fades the meaning of the provocativeness.

Fall, c centrury

Yellow colour

July 2021

Your worst mistake

Everyone knows when


Think of your most voluptuous moment in life and picture it. Does it fit in the specte above?

Thank you for your candour.

Date unknown


21st century

Curator & Artist

Leon Motovskikh